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Live Market Pricing FAQ's

Q: What is Live Market Pricing?

A: Cutting edge software searches over 20,000 websites every hour to determine what the true value of a vehicle is based upon what they are currently selling for and listed for; taking in to consideration mileage, model, trim level, options, etc. We then use this data to make sure we have the BEST pricing in the market, in turn giving you a great value up front, every time.

Q: Why Live Market Pricing?

A: Unlike traditional pricing guides such as Kelley Blue Book, NADA, ect. Live Market Pricing is updated every hour of everyday, instead of only once a month and takes in consideration actual vehicle listings and sales instead of just estimated values.

Q: How often do your Live Market Prices change?

A: Sometimes by the hour, Sometimes by the day, Sometimes by the week. So how do you know when it's time to buy? That is up to you! A good deal is when the price and value align! BUT, we have also made this easy! 

Want to know our pricing secret? Live  Market Pricing! We shop - you save.
Save time and money. We have done the shopping for your and have price our vehicles to compare with larger markets.
Selection - We adhere to a rigorous 175 point service inspection. Only the best vehicles are offered for sale.
Competitive Price. We poll thousands of pre-owned websites to bring our sale pricing down to the local level.
Confidence. We believe in transparency. Each vehicle has an Auto Check report with details about the car an its history available, so you can make an informed purchase.
Honesty - We will guide you through your car buying experience and listen carefully to your automotive needs. Our goal is to find the right car for you.
Reputation - As a member of the Preferred Automotive Dealerships our clients come first. Once you've joined our family we've always stay with you and support you during the life of your vehicle.
No haggle, no hassle. In 2018 we understand that most people dislike haggling. We believe in giving our customers a competitive price from the start along with great buying experience before and after the sale.
Simple shopping. Simply click on the inventory link to your immediate low market price. There's no need to haggle or worry about back and forth negotiations to get the price you deserve.