Our Service Center & Certified Service

Today's high technology cars require a large amount of attention, and we have the state-of-the-art facilities to accommodate complications that may arise. Our full trained technicians are here to relieve you from the headaches from car problems as well as regularly scheduled maintenance. To request a service appointment, please click the links and fill out all applicable information.

Why routine vehicle maintenance matters. 

Regular maintenance is one of the most important things you can do for your vehicle. Although today's modern automobiles are engineered to be more durable and last longer than cars made decades ago, the key to their longevity is servicing and maintaining fluid levels, parts and systems on a regular basis. A regularly serviced car will run more efficiently, use less fuel, contribute less pollution and last longer compared to a vehicle without regular maintenance. 

Manufacturer service interval recommendations.

Despite seeming like a dependable convenience, your car is in an almost constant state of degradation. Fluids that lubricate the engine and allow power steering and brakes to operate properly, burn away or become contaminated. Brake pads that provide stopping power wear away with every deceleration; filters that prevent contaminants from entering the engine or fuel lines eventually reach capacity. 

For these reasons, the manufacturer provides a schedule of recommended service based on the amount of miles driven. The service schedule is designed to help car owners to get the optimum performance, longevity and reliability from their vehicles. It typically covers the projected lifespan of the vehicle and covers a wide variety of vehicle components and systems, including:

• Oil changes

• Oil, air and fuel filter charges

• Spark plug changes

• When the engine should be tuned up

• Power steering, brake, transmission and radiator fluid changes  

Preventative maintenance saves money. 

Beyond ensuring your vehicle is operating as efficiently as possible, keeping to your car's service schedule can save you money. Especially when you use a trusted mechanic, regular maintenance ensures your vehicle is inspected regularly, which can catch costly problems before they become more expensive. Investing in relatively minor maintenance or check-ups also help you avoid major, expensive repairs that can arise as the result of neglect. Lastly, if you car is still under manufacturer's warranty, preventative maintenance as recommend by the manufacturer ensures you car will continue to be covered. 

The most important is regular maintenance. 

Without a doubt, oil changes are the most important regular maintenance. Because motor oil lubricates a wide range of moving parts, keeping it changed regularly is essential to engine efficiency and longevity. Whether your car uses synthetic, conventional or standard motor oil, investing in the relatively minor expense of an oil change can save huge amounts of money.